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Our affiliate program is free to join and easy to use. As a Publisher, you place our links (e.g., banners, buttons or textual links) or products on your Web site. When a visitor to your site clicks on the link or product and makes a purchase at our site, you earn a commission. We handle the entire shopping and buying experience. Note: A few select publishers are paid out on a CPC rate.  Please see below Frequently Asked Questions for more detail.

How It Works
1. Someone clicks our
ad on your site
2. They purchase
something on our site
3. You receive a commission
on the sale through
one of our affiliate
network sites.


Join our affiliate program and earn commissions by promoting our brand and products on your site. Every time you direct a consumer from your site to ours, you earn money when that consumer makes a purchase.

For more information on our Affiliate program, please visit one of our affiliate networks:
Impact Radius

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How do I earn commissions with
A: Every time someone visiting your website clicks a 2A Tactical Gear banner, they will be redirected to If they purchase something on, a percentage of the purchase price will come back to you through your preferred network of choice, Impact Radius or AvantLink.
Q: How do I earn a CPC with
A: If we are unable to set you up on a commission rate we'll carefully determine your CPC rate. If you are selected to work with us on a CPC rate we will pay for approved clicks to our site.
Q: Can I earn commission from individual 2A Tactical Gear products on my website?
A: Yes. Impact Radius and AvantLink both have the functionality with Product Widget tools to easily promote individual products on your website as well as the ability to subscribe to the full 2A Tactical Gear Product Catalog updated daily. You can use these tools to direct customers directly to the product on
Q: What kinds of promotions does 2A Tactical Gear have that I can put up on my site?
A: 2A Tactical Gear does offer free shipping, dollar-off, and sale promotions year round.
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